Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pottery Sunday with Santa

Today I got to go to a really cool place right near my house... to have my yearly picture taken with Santa! Those of you who have been regular readers will remember my Santa fiasco from last year (lets just say that it was at Petco, Santa was out on a bender, you fill in the rest), but this year was TOTALLY different.

It was a benefit for the Echo Park Animal Alliance, and it was held in a pottery studio here in Echo Park. So mom, dad and I drove over to get Heidi and her dad and we walked over to the studio. It was FULL of dogs and pottery, so mom quickly navigate me toward the back door away from the hubbub (ok, especially away from the pottery) and we signed up for our turn with Santa.

I admit that I was a bit - ahem - over-excited, and the main voice that everyone could clearly hear throughout the studio was mine. But there were sooooo many dogs, and sooooo many people, I was a little overstimulated. And of course ready for my closeup.

When it was my turn to sit with Santa mom showed him the best way to grab ahold of me (ok, I was still trying to get toward a cute little fuzzy girl who had caught my eye), then they started jumping up and down and ringing bells. Well ringing bells catches my attention because that's what I use to get mom to get up off of her butt and take me outside so I perked right up and stopped wriggling. Snap! Photo taken.

I think I look kind of huge in this photo compared to Santa, but mom assured me that while I am a big, beautiful boy that there is something a little off in the perspective of the photo that makes me appear rather massive. Massive but adorable, no complaints.

And all of the money goes to the Echo Park Animal Alliance so we all felt warm and fuzzy.



To Aire is Divine


Sunshade said...

Dear Bogie,

I LOVE the giantness of you in that picture!! I love big big BIG, handsome boys!! You look sooooo great and so happy in the picture, and so does the Santa (which is rare since most pet Santa Claus don't seem to have much patience).

Your dreamgirl,
Miss Sunshade

Lux said...

Oh, that's a *lovely photo of you and Santa! Both of you look very happy!

Oscar Airedale said...

Hey Bogart,

I did think you looked HUGE in that photo!! But very handsome too. Glad Santa was sober this year!

Oscar x