Saturday, October 25, 2008

NW Dale

We are off to NW Portland to enjoy some fine fall foliage, visit some cool shops, and maybe have a little lunch. I heartily approve, and hop into my seat in the Bogcedes.

Come on dad... you said we were going...

Luckily once I'm strapped in I can still get my mug out of the window to enjoy a little fresh aire.

This little guy had the same idea - minus the harness - isn't he a cutie? We were stopped at a traffic light and mama and I saw him and thought he was pretty darned adorable.

I have so much to learn about this "fall" thing, also called this "autumn" thing. In Los Angeles this time of year is much different - it's still really hot outside, and there aren't lots of leaves on the ground. I am finding that leaves are a FANTASTIC new experience, a GREAT way to leave and receive pee-mail, and just all-around incredibly coolarama.

NW Portland is a really pretty place, lots of beautiful houses and great places to walk around. I'm leading the way today...

Yup, pick up a few messages, and leave a few.

Isn't the color fantastic?

I'm thinking about starting a website for doggies - Hydrants Around the World - something near and dear to all of us. More as a joke for now, but it would be funny wouldn't it?

These two hydrants look really old-school and very cool, don't they?

All this walking has made me hanker for a little snackie. Hey, I've heard that there is a cool little French cafe in this neighborhood that mama wanted to try... can we find it?

YESSS! It's called St. Honore and it's a lovely little cafe smart enough to have outdoor seating that's just right for doggies.

I wholeheartedly approve of the mozzarella panini that mama and I shared.

On our walk around, we stumbled into (ok, I dragged us into) a store called All for Paws. What a cool shop!

Full of all things doggie, the lovely lady running the shop offered me lots of treats. As I am probably the most picky dog in the entire world and not motivated by treats at all (much to mama's chagrin) the nice lady tried treat after treat after treat - and I wouldn't bite.

She was determined but alas, so was I. I think I just get distracted rather than completely uninterested in the treats that people sometimes offer me - because I do enjoy a good treat from time to time. Maybe I'll bring her some of my Chez Bogart jerky sometime...

A quick drinkie and we're off.

OK Stanley, this is for you and Mz. Stella. I have become very attached to the stuffed Mingo you sent me, it is one of my very favorite toys. I use Mingo to let dad know whenever I need a walkie so yes, he is a daily and dear friend. Today when I was walking, I saw this:

CAFFE MINGO!!! OMDog, I had no idea that Mingo was so talented or that he had inspired so many and in so many ways...

I simply MUST eat here sometime. And I WILL bring Mingo along.



To Aire is Divine

Chez Bogart

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Hercules said...

OMG!!! What a fun walkie Bogart! Mom took me on a walkie this morning before the neighborhood woke up...That is my favorite time to go! Only a squirrel jumped from a tree, landed on a pile of leaves and scared me to high heaven!

Love, Hercy

Hollie and Janie said...

You always have the most fun adventures and get to eat at the best places!
love, janie (airegirl)

Lorenza said...

You had a very nice walkie Bogart!
I like the sound of cruchy leaves on the ground but here we don't have many!
Mingo is very popular now, right?
Kisses and hugs

Persephone and Buster said...

What I wouldn't do for those Portland hydrants! Bogart, you live in heaven!

Don't you love fall, with real seasons?



Finni said...

We share the same interest levels in treats there Bogart. Mum even resorted to cut up Frankfurter sausage to try and 'motivate' me - nope, no way, not when there is another dog around. She now uses it as test to see if the air is clear to let me off.
I like the All for Paws place! I've never been shopping. Must try it some time.
Thanks for sharing your great walks with us.
Finni xx