Sunday, July 06, 2008

My New Pal Charlie

Hey... that's an AIREDALE!!! Mom, dad, did you know about this? Was this planned? Why yes it was, a playdate for me with a cool boy Dale named Charlie.

Ok, lets get the play bows out of the way... and get right to some sniffin'. You're an awfully cute boy, I really like your spiffy vest! And you know what... even tho I don't like most other boy dogs there is just something special about meeting other Airedales - so LETS WALK!

Isn't Charlie handsome? He's a little younger than me, so he's still got some puppy-black-face, but he's working on a fine beard and moustache. And check out that cool white patch on his chest! I want one of those... The pretty Border Collie next to him is his sister Casey. Doesn't she have the coolest eyes you've ever seen? She's a sweetie-pie :)

After the walkie and general get-to-know-you, we headed over to the Lucky Lab for some refreshment.

Follow me Charlie, I know the way...

I'm really impressed with Charlie's posture, he's quite a graceful boy.

Should we turn the cute Airedale Eyes on 'em to get some treats, Charlie? Whaddaya think?

Yup, he's a professional at this treat-getting, and he seemed to think that my Bogart treats were tasty.

Here I am exhibiting a slightly more refined technique of beef heart procurement...

There were lots of other doggies at the Lucky Lab, which was of course distracting. Made me a little cranky. Sorry for that Charlie, I didn't mean to growl at ya. It's just that I can be kind of weirdly protective of mama sometimes (even when she's begging for the hug and full-on Dale kissin' that you so expertly gave her). I promise to work on that, and you'll see, the next time we get together I won't be so growly...

So whaddaya say Charlie, would you like to hang out again sometime soon? I sure would!!! We all had a GREAT time with you, Casey, and your mama & dad, and are looking forward to seeing you all again!!!



To Aire is Divine


erin said...

Yeah, Charlie is cute. He still looks like he's got a lot of puppy in him. It looks like you had a fun time, Bogart. I hope you know that you live a pretty darn good life!
PS I have a little white patch on my chest too.

Boy said...

Wow! U wook wike you're having a gwand time! I sure think Casey has some beautiful eyes too!

Maggie & Mitch said...

How neat that you met another Dale in Oregon, Bogie! He's pretty handsome too, just like you are! We hope you meet again soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gaia the Airedale said...

Holy cow-doggies! Theres another Dale pup runnin around here??? Where is he from? Charlie is a real looker hehe, but you are too Bogart! Looks like you both had a good time together!

puppy breath,

Deetz said...

Charlie is aweful cute....That is really nice to have a fun playdate like that...what a great surprise for sure.

Faya said...

Charlie and her sister are just cute ! Charlie has a white chest like mine ! Will you meet again ?
I hope you will....
Kisses, Faya

Willow the Black Dale said...

Ohhh Bogie,
Your new friends are adorable. Nice to see you had so much fun!
Love the cool bows that you and Charlie did!!!


mire said...

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