Sunday, July 13, 2008

Animal Planet Expo

Wow, this gas stuff is expensive. Now I understand what mom complains about all of the time... but hey, it's the weekend and we've gotta gas up and GO!!! So fill up the Bog-cedes and lets ROLL!!!

Today is the Animal Planet Expo here in NE Portland, which sounds right up my alley. It's HOT again here today, so lets start off with a lovely misting of cool water...

And now back...

Ok, ready to go. A nice man handed mom these Meercat Manor fans and what does she immediately do with them? (hint: she's CRAZY sometimes)

I wanted to hop into this cool bike contraption - thinking that dad could get a workout while I ride in style - but alas, it was not to be.

The Oregon Humane Society was there as well... Feel the Love!

Oh, do we HAVE to do the silly Meercat thing again? Oh well, alright, if it MAKES YOU LAUGH MOM...

Ohmygosh, look who's here! It's Charlie!!! Nice to see ya pal!

And LOTS of other doggies, here we go in for a Double-Dale-Sniff

Dad, I've done many silly things for you in the name of art. I've stood in front of more things than I can count. I've let you photograph my butt. But I just don't wanna stand in front of the giant inflatable tabby.

Luckily, Charlie obviously hasn't had to do so many silly things yet, so lets let him do it! Thanks for taking one for the team buddy!

I was a little grumpy again today - it's gotta be all of the testosterone runnin' though me - but hey, it was also pretty darned hot outside.

And then I saw it in the distance... first just as red blobs enticingly placed at doggie level, and then as we got closer I could see them clearly - the doggie doody area with FIRE HYDRANTS!!! Dad tried to get the guy to give us one for the backyard, but alas, that was not to be.

Ah, more silliness. Since this time neither Charlie nor I were going for the latest hair-brained plan, mom and Claire had to be the guinea pigs (uh, I mean MEERKATS) for the next silly photo...

You should have seen the Border Collie frisbee show - they are INCREDIBLE!!! Charlie was taking notes for his sister Casey (the Border Collie with the pretty blue eyes), I'm sure she could do cool stuff like that!

Tons of swag, tons of people, and tons of girlie-dog-butt...

But mostly, time to sit while the humans talk and relax a bit.

See the bag behind me? WE FILLED THAT WITH SWAG

Sometimes the swag wasn't free, they made us work for it. No problem - we can participate in your silly games in order to get free stuff! First Charlie threw beanbags for swag.

Then we spun wheels for swag. First Charlie...

Then me.

Then we had free ID tags made. More swag!

But now it's getting awfully hot, and it's time for that ever-yummy frosty beverage. But where to go today? We're in a different neighborhood than we usually go... but hey wait, we're close to the Mississippi district aren't we? Lets try out the Amnesia Brewery...

Yummo - now this was a good one! Excellent food, great beer, good prices, and the dog-friendliness meter was on high.

Charlie, looking good as always...

I have a nose for good brewpubs...

Charlie my friend, once again I am sorry for my grumpiness. I see how cool you are with my mama (and boy does she love the kisses!) and I will work on my calmness. I hear the talk about finding a nice girl for me (what you humans think I don't understand what you're saying???), and this will surely help. Can't wait to see you again!!!



To Aire is Divine


Ronak said...

Oooh Bogart, such great pictures, thank you for sharing! My Big Sis likes to watch Meerkat Manor whenever she can catch it too, so she was really cracking up over your pictures! HEE HEE!

MyJourneyBack said...

Bogart what lovely photo's of you.
You must have had an awesome day.
Thanks for putting up with all the photo's and letting your people post them. We girls love to see you.
p.s. I don't have my own blog like you by you can see some of my photo's in my mom's archives.

Maggie & Mitch said...

What a great day you had, Bogie! Hey, you make an awesome meercat! hehehehehe We're glad you met up with Charlie the Dale!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Beethoven said...

Wowie!!! What a lot of funs you hadded!

Kirby said...

Bogie, what a great expo! After seeing your post, I googled the expo, but alas they will not be in Chicago this year. DARN! At least you got to partake in the fun. What awesome swag you and Charlie picked up!! I just love freebies! You were such a good boy to leave the meerkat fan in front of your face. I would have eaten it! And, what a way to end up the day...a brewpub. I sure hope you got some yummy foodables!!

Your pal,

Noah the Airedale said...

Petrol sure is expensive Bogie. Ours is around $1.58 to $1.70 a litre.....sigh. Lucky we don't use the dale mobile very often.
We love seeing you with the meerkat mask on. Humans think they're so funny.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

erin said...

More great reporting, Bogart! Portland is really a dog friendly place, huh? Oh, and impressive marking on that hydrant! You should enter in that category in the Pawlympics.