Monday, January 22, 2007

Drivin' Through

Today we were going to bring the Bogie Beetle in for service. Apparently the brakes need to be replaced (which from what I understand, is kind of important) so that means we're gonna drive over there and then I'm gonna have to walk home. Leaving the Bogie Beetle behind in the capable hands of Walter at Budget Auto Repair (THE BEST!!!!!).

So before this was going to happen, we had to do a few errands. In anticipation of a big walk, mom took me through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box - a first for me. She says that she doesn't want to get me all spoiled and hooked on junk food and that today we were just running out of time... okay mom, no explanation necessary! Just bring on the burger!

Rather than just go for a plain burger (which I've already had plenty of at Rally's) today I had my first junior bacon cheeseburger. As we drove up to the window I could smell it - yes, that pungent aroma of grilling burgers - and I hopped over mom to stick my head out of the window. I thought perhaps that I would help mom - she could pay the lady, I could take the bag with the burger - but she'd only let me wait until the lady opened the window and then I had to get back into my navigator's seat. Apparently there was no room for her to pass the money over with me standing on her lap, so I understood and sat down on my seat.

Ok so I went over the burger begging routine the other day so this won't be new to anyone...

Assume the position

Burger falls from sky

First eat patty (this time with tasty bacon and cheese)

Then bottom bun

Then top bun

Burger wrapper/placemat

Lick those chops and get ready to roll!

Works every time...



To Aire is Divine


Cubby said...

You are one lucky man!

Maggie said...

This is too much! Hamburgers two days in a row??!! You lucky dog!

Love ya lots,

Pippin the flyball dog said...

Hey Bogart--you seem to get burgers pretty frequently. Do you have some pointers for those of us who are not so talented? I would love an occassional burger. Is it a problem that my people are "vegetabletarians"?


Faya said...

VĂ©ronique, my bag please. I am going to live with Bogart......

Huskee Boy said...

No waaaay you had that burger all to yourself!! How lucky is that!! I wish my mum will give me a double cheeseburger all to myself.. can I come over and stay with you for a while?

Sundae said...

I want a burger too! *SLURPS*

Sunshade said...

Why do you always get to eat burgers??? Hey, will you consider FedEx one to your dreamgirl??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade