Sunday, October 15, 2006


(eyes closed in anticipation of sausage-y goodness)

Well I'd just gotten pretty cranky about being left home while mom and dad went to Oktoberfest at the Alpine Village... last year around this time was the very first time they went out for a few hours without me (I was such a young'un then) so I kind of remembered when mom started to practice her chicken dance that they might be gone for awhile...

They only stayed for a few hours and it's a good thing: last year they didn't bring me home anything, but this year I got a piece of polish sausage!

Yup, they smuggled it out of the beer tent in dad's pocket, all wrapped and ready to go. A little bit of sauerkraut attached to one end, mmm, mmm, mmm. Yummy.

I'd even chicken dance for more dad!




Fu Fu said...

Hey Bogart, You look all ready for Oktoberfest

~ fufu

fee said...


i love sausages! mom and dad love them to bits with sauerkraut too! yum!

ps: did your mommy really dance with a chicken?

Anonymous said...

Bogie Bogie, remember to fedex some over this way to your dreamgirl next time ok??

Your very drooly dreamgirl,
Miss Sunshade

Bogart said...

Thanks Fufu! I sure felt ready!

I'm a big fan of sausages too Fee... and yes, mom really did the "chicken dance" where humans do a really silly dance to music while flapping their arms like a chicken...

Sunshade, baby, how could I forget? Next time we shall share the sausage my dreamgirl...