Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blind Date

Today I had my very first date ever.

I had no idea of what to expect, other than mom and dad telling me that there was a special girl that I could play with. Hubba hubba.

I kept thinking that I must need something special, something to give her, hey maybe I should have had a bath beforehand, but off we went to Kehoe Mountain (the mythical back yard that I have been running in occasionally lately).

Dad told me to sit like a good boy - and wait for the big surprise. I didn't have to wait long (a good thing!). The door opened, and down walked - tentatively at first - a gorgeous girl Boxer named Heidi. And you know what's funny? I've met her before back when mom worked at her old office, she was a puppy the same time that I was! I've even played with her Boxer mom (Roxy) and dad (Bo)!

We got along like a house on fire. After a quick sniff and catch up, it was off to run up and down the hill. And what fun we had!!!! We both got so tired at one point that we just laid down right where we had been running and crashed.

I like Heidi a LOT - so far not in that special way (and she's spayed) - so now I have a real-life girl to run around with (my Heidi) and of course my dreamgirl Sunshade that I do hope to run around with sometime in the future!

Ah...... it's good to be a boy.



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Fu Fu said...

Hi Borgart, Your new friend looks cute. But of course you look more matching with Sunshade. ;)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Dear Bogie,

I don't want to sound small because I am afterall, a SuperDALE. However, seeing your pictures with that other girl dog (what's her name again?) in your life is making me a little jumpy over here in Vancouver.

Vancouver is not THAT far from LA, I am very tempted to get over there right now and eat the other girl in a true Airedale fashion!! Will you still love me then?

Your rightful dreamgirl,
Miss Sunshade

Bogart said...

Thanks FuFu! I think I match much better with Sunshade as well...

And my dearest dreamgirl,
You know there could never be another... I'm only playing with Heidi, with you it would be forever. And if you were to get on a plane to LA and eat her, well I'd just love you even more.

Your ever lovin' man,

Anonymous said...

We think alike Bogie, it's a match made in heaven!!

Love you lots and lots,
Miss Sunshade