Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Bogart Channel

The Bogart Channel

OK, I ask you.... HOW COOL IS THIS?!?!

The folks at Dogs With Blogs have created my very own TV channel where everyone can watch my movies!!!! I wonder if I've told them how much I love them recently...

You've gotta go check out all of the dogs channels (including my dreamgirl Sunshade) and all of the dogs blogs! It's the BEST site out there for prolific dogs to hook up, make friends, and who knows...



To Aire is Divine


Fu Fu said...

Bogart, you got your own channel? woh this is too cool. I can see vid of you. haa

~ fufu

Linda said...

You are a movie star! How kewl is that? I enjoyed watching your movies.
Big Wags,