Friday, October 27, 2006

The Fortress of Stickitude

In the backyard of Kehoe Mountain, there is a place. A very special place. A place where I keep my..... sticks. Oh and assorted toys that I've stolen from Heidi the Boxer.

I dug the swag pit myself, and each time I've visited I've felt compelled to add to it... a stick here, a stuffed toy there.

It's always the first thing I check (after I check Heidi's butt to make sure it's still her) to see if she has rifled through my stuff. And of course every single time she has, so I have to go around and collect everything again and bring it back to the Fortress of Stickitude.

Just because it's her house, her back yard, her sticks, doesn't mean they shouldn't be right where I like them...



To Aire is Divine

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