Friday, September 22, 2006

Handsome... in ANY Language

Today while I was out with mom, a woman was watching us play. Mom kept saying "good Bogie", and "such a handsome boy Bogie" (you know, just the usual stuff) and the woman came over. She asked if my name was Bogie and mom said yes... and the woman explained that she was from the Phillippines and that in her language the word Bogie means.... wait for it...

Good looking.

Now I'm not sure if the spelling is the same, but the meaning sure is!



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Sunshade said...

I can't disagree on that...... You are very HANDSOME indeed!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Günter said...

Yeah you are good looking!!!

I'm often play with an airedale terrier - at the moment I'm trying to convince her to get her own blog... If I succeed I let you know!!!

Take care,


Bogart said...

Please do, we need as many dog bloggers as we can get (and of course I'm partial to those of the Airedale persuasion...)