Thursday, September 07, 2006

Duck Soup

Yes, again it’s been wildly hot here in the desert of Los Angeles. Today was a relatively cool 85ish, so I’ve finally risen from my place in front of the fan to dictate a bit.

Mom and I went walking this morning (as we do each and every morning, I insist upon it whether I have done my early morning poop or not) around the Echo Park lake. A bit unusual for us as recently mom has been getting up a little earlier than usual so we could take the longer walk through the park up by the horses (before it gets too sunny, of course). Today there were lots of people out, I guess they were pretty happy too to see that it was going to be *only* 85 degrees today.

And then I saw it. From afar, I noticed one particular duck. I don’t know why he (she?) caught my eye, but once our eyes met I was transfixed. I MUST get that duck. I lunged forward, straining on my leather leash, in the direction of my breakfast, uh I mean new friend.

The way I saw it, I performed flawlessly, as many generations of fine Airedale Terriers have throughout history. Bred to instinctively be both water and fowl dogs, I bravely trudged forward toward my feathered prey. I must catch this and kill this, I thought, and triumphantly run back to mom with the beast limply hanging from my mighty jaws. Yes, yes, this is what I will do!

Unfortunately for my ego, mom had her camera with her this morning.



To Aire is Divine

1 comment:

Sunshade said... seemed more interested in the "dropping" than the ducks....LOL I don't blame you though, I like them too hehe!!

ps. tell your mom the music she has on the video is SOO cute, good job!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade