Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Day with Dad

Now normally spending a full day with your dad wouldn't be such a big deal, right? But for me, today was SPECIAL. My dad hurt his leg really badly a few months ago, and hasn't been able to walk with me for ages! Not that I mind walking with mom (she's FUN), but I do miss a certain masculine influence in my life... even if he doesn't feel like bringing the camera along (for which he was harshly chastised by mom)...

So while mom was working, dad took me with him over to his friend KC's new house. KC and his wife just bought a house really close to where we live, and they're going to do a lot of rebuilding. So we needed to go over to check the place out.

I arrived and immediately began running my perimeter. You know, just checking to be sure that all is well before the humans enter. After a quick tour of all of the smells inside (they can't smell 'em but I sure can!) we went out into the back yard.

Now I know that many of you dogs already have back yards of your own and may not understand my excitement. But I live in an apartment, and don't have my very own area to patrol and destroy (whenever I do anything even mildly destructive in my home, the humans get a more than a bit peeved). I love looking at all of the photos of my friends running in their yards and wreaking havoc (both Kimi and Sunshade have great photos on their blogs of Airedales in action), and often wish that I could do the same. Today I got to live out that fantasy as the humans left me to patrol the yard while they went out to get lunch. Boy, was it FUN!!! I was chasing squirrels, barking at neighbor dogs, running up and down a hill, it was FANTASTIC!

I spent the entire day doing this (and yes, I could really get used to this mom) until I absolutely, positively exhausted myself. I can't think of another time when this has happened. No interest in food, treats, or mom. Cats were sniffing my moustache and it didn't even wake me. I just crashed out and even missed my late-night peepee walk. Mom thought it was hilarious to cover me up and put my pillow under my head but hey, it was actually a little chilly last night and my entire body was like a big wet noodle, so why not let mom pamper me a bit...




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Sunshade said...

Ohh Bogie, you looked soooo cute sleeping!! yeah having a yard is fun, but I mean if you can just go over to KC's house and play all day then you would technically have a yard except your parents wont' have to do any yard work...hehe!

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Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade