Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Day of Errands

Gosh, it seems like there is always a little something that I am called upon to help mom with these days... I never knew that there were so many things that have to be done. Even though it's been pretty hot outside lately mom has been cleverly figuring out ways to include me in as many daily activities as my fuzzy little heart can stand.

But first things first - an early morning hike in the park - where I came across this:

Yep, it's a dead mouse. Or a rat. Or something with what was once a twitchy long tail and whiskers. Mom let me take a good sniff, wondering what I would do with it once I had a moment alone. Honestly it smelled pretty darn bad baking in the hot morning sun like that and I certainly didn't want to put something that disgusting in my mouth. So on we went.

Then we had to return library books. Who knew that there was a place that you could go to and they would just give you books? You know, those paper-y things that come apart really really easily with one good chew? Somehow mom hid them from me until we were in the car so I didn't get a chance to "check out" the books this time around, but I was happy to help.

We drove into downtown LA and pulled over at the library's drop box. I handed mom the books, she stuffed them into the box (they dropped kind of hard on the bottom and mom made a kind of funny expression) then it was back to my co-pilot duties as we sped away.

Next it was on to the post office to mail some packages. I absolutely insisted on coming inside with mom and she couldn't persuade me or point out any signs that said that dogs weren't allowed inside. So she shrugged her shoulders, snapped on my leash, and inside we went. I wanted to help her with carrying the packages, but she insisted on carrying them herself. So much for chivalry. Of course the other patrons were oooh-ing and aaah-ing over me. On mom's command I layed down (of course that was mainly to humor mom) and pretended to be the best behaved dog in the universe. It was just a quick wait in line and hey, a PSA for dogs everywhere -- they didn't kick us out or even complain that there was a "dog" in the post office, so everyone should try it. At least for a few minutes of free air conditioning...

I'm here for you mom... just don't wake me when I'm sleeping.



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