Saturday, June 27, 2015

Run Wild and Free, Kermit

You just know that a one-eyed Airedale has a STORY.

My buddy Kermit passed away today and I am super sad.

Kermit was the one-eyed bandit, urban explorer, hot dog and beer aficionado, and most patient dog in the world (to me when I was young and hump-y).  I spent many happy hours chilling with you in your yard, following your lead, and learning how to be a cool Airedale from you.

Run wild and free Kermit - give Klaus, Robin, and Jupie (all sadly RIP) a big kiss for me (I'm sure there will be beer and hot dogs waiting for you).  I will miss you, my dear friend.

Dad covered in Airedales (that's me standing in front).  These were the bestest days.



Whitley Westie said...

Sorry to hear bout your pal.

FinleytheWestie said...

Sorry fur da lost of yer furiend.... ya two sure look cute in dat photo...