Saturday, October 01, 2011

Paint Torch (with Bogart and Claes Oldenburg)

So mama told me that there was this artist - a very important artist - who would be having a big opening of his newest project, right here in Center City.  You can always count on me to attend such things as the potential for Airedmiration is HIGH.

And oh yes, the worship started early.

The artwork is Claes Oldenburg's "Paint Torch".  It's at PAFA.  And supposedly it lights up.  And supposedly the artist is going to be here.  And yes, I am a ROCKSTAR and taking attention away from the artist because no one else was smart enough to bring their Airedale along to an art opening.

Not really kidding, actually.

Oh wait, are they going to fire up this sucker?  Maybe I'll saunter over to watch.

A little education is always a good thing...

This is me AND Claes Oldenburg.  Sadly mama managed to mangle the photo a bit.  Lets try that again.

In the meantime, I managed to get a head pat and a "nice dog" from the artist.  So now I've got my semi-smug, oh yeah you wish you were me right now face on.

This was the very first moment that they lit up the top.  Kind of like firing up the Xmas tree.  Lots of cheers and excitement...

I watched from a respectable distance so as not to take anything away from the artist on his special day because everyone was paying so much attention to me.

Did you notice the paint plop at the bottom?  I did.  And speaking as someone who produces his own artful plops daily I say, GOOD JOB CLAES.



Luna said...

That's very good..

Though you should have just stolen the spotlight! :D


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Dawn said...

You do the most interesting things!

Ruca said...

Oh I'm so envious! I would love to have met him. Since I'm an artist I'm sure we would have all kinds of things to talk about. I'm sure he'd be able to overlook the fact that I'm dog and we could really chew the fat over some interesting topics. Lucky you!

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