Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Shit Sucker

Mama told me a great story today during the evening walkie.  Many years ago in Europe, she and dad saw one of these on the street:

Dad, in his normal fashion, called it a "shit sucker".  Mama calls that a "Klaus-ism", which is an interesting way to describe something that, while it makes perfect sense, is nothing that a native English speaker would ever come up with on their own.

And she hasn't seen one of them since.  So today, with some trepidation, I bring to you - THE SHIT SUCKER:

I do not trust ye olde shit sucker.  Curious about it, why yes I am.  But not curious enough to get close.



Amber-Mae said...

That thing looks SCARY!!!

sweet dachshund said...

looks scary but interesting... it would really help to clean the mess on your garden...