Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hole-y Crockpot Batman!

Anyone who knows my mama knows that she's not the best cook in the world - but she's an AWESOME doggie chef. Every night I get fresh chicken or turkey soup brimming with veggies, rice, and lentils. And several times a week she uses my very own crockpot with which to make my soup-er good dinners.

Well, this morning after she put in the turkey and veggies and added a substantial amount of water, THIS happened:

Yep, the bottom literally busted out of the crockpot. Which took her a few minutes to realize what was happening as all of the water had suddenly gone from being in the pot to being on the floor.
6.5 quart crock pot. Now it makes a lovely frame.

Literal blowout. Bottom blown off. No other way to describe the clean-ness of the break.

Mama tried to save as many veggies as she could, and the turkey hadn't moved so that was ok, but the crockpot had suddenly gone to that great crock-pot-ery in the sky.

Mama thought about being all craft-y and making this into something, but I think it's best that we don't keep souveniers of our crappiest moments, just our better ones. Ok, mama?



Maggie and Mitch said...

We sure hope you're not starving over there, Bogie! Did your mama use a regular pot that cooks on the stove to finish up your dindin for you? Gosh, we sure hope so!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Dawn said...

Never ever heard of such a thing Bogart! Yes I think it's best to send it to crock pot heaven. Hope your Mama found a new one so you don't have to miss any meals!