Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bring on Da Funk

Friends... Romans... Countrymen... I come to you for advice.

My trusty green nylon harness is FUNKY! I suppose that the years of wear along with my recent trips into the Willamette River have caused it to retain a very special funk that mama just cannot remove. Now I know what you're thinking - BRING ON DA FUNK - and that's what I think too, but mama is insistent that the funk must be removed.

She has tried many cleaners, letting it soak, but so far nothing has done the trick. Of course she could go out and buy me a new one (uh, I do think that I'm overdue for a spiffy one) but even if she did that she has realized that having a "backup harn-y" (as it is called in our house) is a really, really good thing to have.

So I turn my fuzzy ear in your direction - help a pup out, would ya? What do you recommend for cleaning a funky nylon harness?




Reagan said...

Hey Bogart!
We have our fair share of FUNK in our house and we're not talkin' about George Clinton! Our secret (and cheap) ingredients are:
Rubbing alcohol
Baking Soda
Dr. Bronners Soap
Our general purpose, household cleaner recipe is 1/3 vinegar, 1/3 alcohol, 1/3 water. Cleans just about anything (smells like vinegar tho)!
Mom cleaned some seriously funked out UGG slippers by soaking in vinegar & baking soda (foamy!), scrub, rinse with water, repeat. She may have tossed a little borax in there to help the "scrubbing action"
You could even try just soaking it in vinegar for several hours.
When you hang it up to dry, put in outside in direct sunlight. Sun does wonders at chasing away the funk.
Good luck! :)
Ozzie, the fabulously funky Wire in funktascious Iowa
(& his mom, Reagan Osborne)

Lynne said...

Thieves household cleaner:

Totally safe for animals, unlike most chemical-laden household cleaners. It's great for everything.

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest vinegar or baking soda diluted in water. Bright sunlight sounds worth trying--if you can get it in Portland! You might also try one of the OxiClean products that you put into the washing machine along with detergent. (I use a lingerie bag to wash and dry Rusty's collar, which has not had time to get really funky despite numerous dips in local canals.)

Melissa said...

We use nilodor. it gets our smells out of everything ...

Fizz & Willow

K9friend said...

If it were me I'd go for the new harness. There's some mighty nice ones out there!