Sunday, November 01, 2009

Making Mama Smile

I have spent this past week taking care of mama. She's been unhappy. Today is 8 months since dad has been gone, and well, she's just had a crappy week all around. So today I assumed my position in back seat (my "CEO spot") and insisted that we go out to have some fun.

Can you spot the handsome Dale in this photo?

Yep, I'm "guarding the car" while she runs into the grocery store. I'm not complaining, she always comes out with a bottle of water and some treats for me which usually means we're going for some sort of walkie.

In trying to keep mama amused, I saw this large stick. You may call it a tree, but to me it's just a super-sized stick.

Check it out mama, I'm going to bring this home to add to my awesome stick collection.

First let me get it into a more manageable piece.

Mmm. Tasty. Not very portable, though. This one may have to stay.

So we made a stop at a new pet store in our neighborhood, Nature's Pet on NW 21st. Wowza! They have quite the selection of awesome treats and food. I was transfixed.

I checked out the place from top to bottom, because mama said I could have a treat. But what to get? I've even looked through all of the kitty stuff.

Mmm. This was the bone I chose. And I've got to say that I'm pleased.

This has been a week full of leaves. Yellow ones, brown ones, red ones, all over the place. It makes things a little slippery, even for a gentleman with four-wheel drive such as myself.

So you can imagine how much slipping and sliding the humans do. I'm working hard on not pulling mama too much, I can't afford for her to hurt herself out here. I need my walkies!

See, I'm thinking of YOUR WELFARE mama...

Ah, this fine stick is large enough for my personal taste as well as portable enough to get into my apartment. That'll work.

But wait - what is that in your hand mama?

Ooh, I'll take that one!!!

Hey lookie here - BASSET HOUNDS!!! And there are two of them!!!

I don't think I've been able to sniff a Bassett before - what a cutie. And what a great howl they have!

So today is 8 months since dad has been gone. We miss him like crazy. Mama and I were sitting on our bed, talking about him, and we looked onto our window and saw this:

See that large, odd-looking black thing? That was a ladybug. In our apartment. On our window. As we were talking about dad. My big, badass dad. ANOTHER ladybug sighting.

Love you dad, wherever you are, and thanks for sending the ladybugs...




animal lover, quilt lover said...

Bogart and Lulu, I wish I could give you both a hug, a big big HUG!! I would love to!!!!
I am so sorry you lost your Dad!!
Your man Lulu!!!!
Love you both, Fern

Mango said...

Bogart, you are the best. You take such good care of your mom and listen to her and talk to her about dad.

Too bad you couldn't get that big old stick home. Maybe next time.


Faya said...

I wish I could come to you and give you big hugs !
Kisses, VĂ©ronique, Faya & Dyos

Karen said...

I have a cute boston terrior named max I just love him to pieces however because of my job at Narconon I can not stay at home all day to train him not to bite and chew up anything anyone have any advice?

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

We too want to give mama AND you a hug. How special you are recognizing his signs. We believe in them alot!
Seems like forever and then again like yesterday, doesn't it. Tell mama even though we might not have been visiting or posting very much, we think of you too all the time. Seriously.
(((((((BIG HUGS)))))))
Sunny, Scooter & Jamie
pee ess we heard you are having a cool visitor guys! Enjoy

Coco - The Princess said...

Bogart & Lulu,

Were sending you extra Tail Wiggles, Puppy Kisses & hugs from our home to yours.

Bogart, keep doing what your doing and making your mommy smile!

Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva & Truffle

Asta said...

You awe twooly the best
I know you do evewything in youw powew to make youw Mama smile and make hew sad days less so..and then you Da sends his sign..I know he's thewe wif you. I'm glad he's able to let you know once in a while.
We'we sending you and youw mama ouw love to help get hew thwoo the specially bad days.
smoochie kisses
ASTA and Mommi

Dawn said...

Just like Dad to give you a sign like that when you're feeling down. Cause of course he knows. So does Bogart, good thing you've got Bogart! Hugs to you both...Dawn and Katie in Michigan

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Bogart you are doing a good job of encouraging your Mommy.
Sally Ann

Chloe and Libby said...

Bogart my handsome friend you did really good entertaining your mommy and making her smile even when she is missing your daddy. I'm sure he's watching over the two of you, and he's gotta be very proud of you Bogart.
Kisses big guy,
Pei Ess- that was a mighty big stick, I'm glad you left it behind, it would have probably got stuck going in the front door.

Agatha and Archie said...

Our dearst boy,Too bad you could not get that stick home with you...PL2 just wanted to tell you and your Momma that after her mother died when she started to feel really really sad, a ladybug would come!! even in the deepest of winter!! and it has continued on for many years, so indeed Pl2 thinks it is a sign indeed Amillion hugs and kisses A+A+PL2