Saturday, December 13, 2008

Helping Mama

I'm feeling all "good boy", and when I have that special feeling I just wanna help mama do whatever she is doing...

It looks like they're getting ready to go out somewhere - they have coats on (and not the nice fuzzy kind that I have)... and I have not gotten the magic signal that I will be coming with them. That signal is usually the word "walkie" or the appearance of my flexi-leash. Mama tries to distract me with my favorite tenny but that will not be nearly enough...

How dare you consider going out without me mama... I am insulted!

Hey wait, exactly what is that on your head?

Faux fur - but it still smells good.

What? You want a good-bye kiss? Let's do it in slo-mo, shall we?

Going in for the big kissaroo...

Ha! You have to kiss my head!!!

Aw shucks, I love ya mama...

But wait... what is this? Another fun piece of that funny hat I suppose...

Oh wait, this is f-u-n...

Ok mama, I'll let you go out without me tonight. Mama and dad are going to the local Brew Crew Holiday Party - so if it will further the mission of my Black and Tan Brewery, I suppose it is a good thing.



Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine

1 comment:

Stanley said...

Aw, Bogart!

My girl loves that photo right after the one where your mama kisses you on your punkin head! THAT'S a keeper, FOR SURE!

My girl also says that she thinks your mama may have her old hat she used to wear in grade school. Does he answer to the name "Fluffy"?

Goober love,