Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finding Neem-o

Ok pups, listen up. It's now been over a week since I started treatment for my dry, itchy skin with some neem oil products. Mama wanted to wait awhile to really test the products before she "went public" with the results...

My skin was not only dry and flaky, but also red and super itchy (especially near my fuzz-butt). Nothing else we've tried has worked - treatments, washes, supplements. So we have not had faith in products to help for some time. We've been to many really cool doggie stores asking for remedies, and tried things both inexpensive and expensive - with no results.

Complicating matters has been that mama really wanted to find something that was natural, not full of chemicals, and that would actually be GOOD for me, rather than just another tub of stuff that we'll never use again and be annoyed at how much we paid.

So when we tried out the neem oil shampoo and salve, we didn't have any expectations. They were natural, and after doing research mama found that neem oil has been used for a long time in Ayurvedic medicine for skin irritations.

I am now ready to announce it to the world - The results have been really, truly amazing! My skin looks SO MUCH BETTER, is much less flaky, and is not nearly as itchy as it was. We are all very, very impressed with these products, and recommend them to any dog who has issues like mine - itchy, dry, red, irritated skin.

I am also ready to announce where I got the products to the world - - and say what happy, satisfied customers we are of their neem pet products and their service. We have emailed Usha, the owner, and received lovely emails about products (they have a dog too!) and had all of our questions answered.

The products we ordered are:

Neem Oil & Karanja Oil Soap - 5 oz. (we haven't used this yet)

Extra Strong Neem, Karanja & Sesame Oil Salve - 2 oz.

'Organix' Neem Pet Shampoo - 12 fl. oz.

We are using the shampoo once a week, and the salve every other day. I am also getting flea-combed every day (the neem also has some insect-repelling qualities) for my flea issues, and brushed each day. I smell really good (the shampoo leaves my fuzz nice and shiny - it has to be left on my skin for about 5 minutes in the shower to really soak in) even days later, despite my best efforts to "funk up".

So... I just wanted to let everydog know that if they have a similar problem, these are the best products I've found, and I'm getting better every day! If you have them too, drop Usha a line at Neem Resource (, I'm sure they can help!

Love and less-itchy gratitude,


Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine


Maggie and Mitch said...

We are so very glad the neem products are working for you, Bogie! We currently don't have any itchy problems but if we ever do, we'll know just what to do to treat it! Thank you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

Thanks for the product report, Bogie. You dales can get wicked itchies. I'm glad you're feeling better.


Stanley said...


Thanks for the heads up on the Neem Oil products! I too sometimes develop the Big (B)Itch when Mr. Al Urgee stops by in the spring, summer & fall. We'll definitely check them out.

Go, my Bogie, and itch no more!

Goober love,

Fenway said...

I don't even itch and I want some Neem!

Tell your humans to give you a Fish Oil supplement capsule (get 'em in the human vitamin section at Whole Foods) and a vitamin E capsule. It'll make your coat and skin healthy from the inside out.

We love your Christmas card!

Your pal,

Boy n Beethoven said...

I is glad that worked for you!