Thursday, August 14, 2008

The High Holy Day

Yes, it's the most special day of the entire year... MY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe I'm 3 already...

So what are we gonna do mom? I know it's REALLY hot outside (it was 100 degrees here today in Portland!) but you promised we'd go somewhere...

Ooooh, is that ARBY'S???

I'd like the 5-for-5 special please. And hold the sauce.

Oh yeah... Meaty goodness in a bag!!!

Major points for presentation there dad... those sandwiches look SCRUMPTIOUS!!! But wait... why is there only 4? I thought I ordered 5...

I see, they've changed their deal at Arby's. Ok, so 4 will just HAVE to do...

But wait, what's this? A box for ME???

Ohmygosh, it's from MAGGIE & MITCH!!!!


Yeah yeah mama, YOU can have the card...

I'll take the yummy meaty sticks, thanks very much...

I LOVE these yummy treats - you guys ROCK!!!!

Oooooooooooh... me likey my new Whirl Wheel. It squeaks!!!!

Oh this one is soooo sweet of you!!! Mama has admired Miss Barbara's Airedale portraits and now we have a whole book of them to look at!!! You guys are SO generous and SO thoughtful, I'm sending you big, super, mega special AIRE KISSES for all of my fantastic birthday presents!!!

Hey, check out what dad gave me for my birthday... a new collar! At first I looked at it, well hey, I have a collar, but this one had a little something extra special about it. Dad made it for me from one of his old belts!!! So now it's kind of like he's passing it down to me as his fuzzy son. I LOVE IT DAD and will wear it with pride...

A BIG GIANT THANK YOU to ALL of my friends all over the world for their sweet birthday wishes, presents, and lovin' - you make me such a happy boy!!!



To Aire is Divine

Chez Bogart


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow! Those are really cool sandwiches...yummy! And the pressies! You sure are one lucky doggie, Bogart! Happy Birthday!


Maggie and Mitch said...

You got to eat FOUR sandwiches all by yourself! OMG, we don't even get a whole ONE!
That's a pretty special collar, Bogie. The color will look beautiful on you~
Happy birthday! Enjoy the treats!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

OMG you ate all those rolls on your own...way to go Bogie.
Happy birthday matie. Looks like you had a good day but um what's that cat doing behind you in the video....looks like it was after a roll....I'd be keeping my eye on him if I were you.
Maggie & Mitch are awesome sending that book. Guess what, we've ordered it too. It hasn't arrived yet.
Look out for an email from us ok.
Catch ya.

Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Stanley said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Bogart Buddy!

You are the BEST buddy a goob could have and I'm stinkin' glad you were born, man!

Looks to me like you cleaned up for your celebration. I seriously need to come celebrate my next birthday with your dad and you. 4 Arby's sammiches! Mmm MMM!

You are a wise and sagacious Aireboy and I look to you for counsel on life's problems. But not right now. Rest & enjoy your day, man!

Goober love & birthday smooches,

Lenny said...


Faya said...

4 Sandwiches just for you ! You are so lucky ! Your new collar is so beautiful. I am sure your Dad is very proud to see you wearing it ! Big big big kisses for you my dear Bogart and Happy Birthday !