Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just a Regular Day

Today was just a regular day... other than having to wait for an extra hour in the morning to get into the dog park (they are apparently doing some sort of "maintenance" in the mornings which bothers me to no end... I plan my pooping around my dog park time, you see...) and then realizing that it wasn't going to be sunny but it wasn't going to rain either, I've decided that I will declare this JUST A REGULAR DAY.

I'm not expecting anything amazing to happen, and I fully intend to sleep through most of it.

I do of course need my afternoon jaunt through the park - hey, a pup's gotta pee sometime - and delight in taunting mom a bit.

Gotta keep her on her toes.

These humans can get pretty darn lazy if I don't work them out every single day...



See all of my EXTRAordinary photos from today on my other blog:

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Georgie said...

Bogart my boy, you are a handsome devil!