Friday, April 07, 2006

Bogie by the Sea

Today was fun with Oma & Opa... they really like to go everywhere which is great!!! I only got left at home a few times while they were here (which you'd never know because someone - not mentioning any names MOM - kept forgetting her camera) and today I tagged along for the whole day.

It was cool that I didn't have to ride around in mom's little car - we had a big SUV that mom and dad rented for the visit - so that meant I had an entire Bogart Compartment all to myself. It took me awhile to get used to it, I was rolling and falling a lot whenever dad would make a turn at first. Once I figured out that there are really two basic positions and one advanced one I was much better off. The two basic are: sitting upright while leaning against the back corner of the car and sleeping. The advanced one is with paws and head up leaning on the seat in between the two back passengers. I took the opportunity to do thorough ear cleanings on mom and oma as they were usually sitting in the back.

So off we went to the Santa Monica Pier & Third Street Promenade. Pretty cool.

Smells like fish.

I was posing with Oma - notice how I'm trying to get her into proper photo position.

Then we did some shopping and stopped for some lunch. The wait staff of course catered to me and brought me a plate of water (which was necessary as they'd forced me to sit outside of a railing... like a common mutt). But it was fine as I indulged in a lot of people watching and caught some rays. The family was eating greek food which I didn't like anyway, so no problem there.

We were out for a few hours walking around in the sun, I didn't realize how tiring that can really be... I slept the entire way home.

I really like it when oma & opa come to visit - they're fun!!!



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