Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Chillin at Petee's Lounge

So... this heatwave thing stinks  This humidity thing stinks.  It's way too hot here in Philadelphia.  If only there were a place that a boy could get a tasty cold drink...

Hey look - it's PETEE'S LOUNGE!

Petee is a bulldog.  It's too damn hot outside for Petee.  So his dads thought it might be too damn hot outside for other doggies too.  Mama and Petee's dads had a great talk about doggies and our special heat needs while I helped myself.

While I have seen water bowls scattered around the city, this was the BEST:

Yep.  This wasn't your ordinary stale-stagnant-half-empty-kinda-gross water bowl.  No siree.  This one had cool water flowing down from inside their house to replace the water that us fine fellas are drinking.  GENIUS

Thanks Petee!  And Petee's dads!



Chloe and Libby said...

That was a paw-some thing for Petee and his dad to do. We don't get to take walkies in the city but if we did we would certainly love to walk by a bowl like that.

Mitch and Molly said...

What a cool water fountain! Petee rocks!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Ruby said...

What a cool idea! Petee's dad is a genius!! Hero to all the pups in the neighorhood, I'm sure!



martingale dog collars said...

Very smart indeed, good thinking!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Looks like Petee's daddy is a very sharp hooman! Oh Bogie, wanted to let you know our folks will be in PA in September. Not taking us with them though. Phooey. Oh well. Hope your weekend is going good.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & Hootie

Faith Shen said...

what a lovely shots, you look handsome on your pictures :D

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Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie said...

What an excellent idea! There is nothing worse than a green slimy water bowl full of warm stale water.

Petee's Dad is very clever. Next time you see him pull him gently to one side and ask if there is any possibility of a small snack to go with the water ;-)

Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

marksdorcel said...

Yeah that is really something chilling for a petee and that is good to have a good time.