Monday, April 11, 2011

A Man and His Bone

Hm... wait... vague memories... yes, coming back to me now...

BONES!!!  Must be for me... too big for cats, too carnivorous for the mama-vegetarian.

Beef Marrow Bone.  Now we're talkin'.

Oh sweet marrow bone, how I have longed for you for so very long.  The mama-vegetarian is really quite bad at this buying meat thing, thus she has long forgotten to look for you, much less bring you home to me.

Oh mama, have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE YOU...?

These are just freakin' delish.  Lip-smacking-ly good.  And so fun to eat, too!

Check out the fierce technique...



Maggie and Mitch said...

We haven't had a marrow bone is sooooooooooooo long! We are both drooling, Bogie!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Hattie Airedale said...

Reeeaaally loved the sound effects there! Yummy!

Charlee The Airedale said...

Hi Bogart, I am Charlee a little girl airedale puppy that just started my very own blog. I guess my mom has been reading your blog for a long time and really wanted me to start one. I hope some day I will be big enough for the bones too!!

Mango said...

I remember the terrier jaws of doom from my Grandpa Angus. Even though he was just a little guy, his teeth were bigger than mine. Yikes! Nice to see you having a good time with that meaty bone.


GW said...

Delicious!! Looks way to good.