Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tubby Tabby Time!

At Chez Bogart, we love us some tubby tabbies.  I have three - Kafka, the short-haired orange tiger, Willie, the long-haired ginger lion, and Aeon, the brown and white taberina.

While we may say they're fat - or big boned, or fluffy, or whatever - they basically don't care about what we think.  That's fine.  But as they are my kitties I want them to be healthy for a very long time, so methinks it's time for them to go on a secret diet.  Feeding them less food (or food they don't like) is out of the question.  With hours and hours of time to plot their revenge, both mama and I agree that this could be dangerous to our apartment and everything in it.  So we have partnered with Hill's Science Diet to give their Science Diet Adult Cat Light food a shot.  A few days ago a very large box arrived with oodles of dry kitty chow inside, kindly provided by Hill's.

This should be interesting.

So for the next few weeks, there will be some feline action on my dog blog.  I will keep you updated as to their progress in losing a pound or two each, and if they stage a feline revolt.

And as an extra-special treat, our friends at Hill's Science Diet are giving us 5 sample kits to give away to my feline friends!  Because I cannot think of a clever way to give these away (I'm sure the cats could, but I don't want to wake them up from their 23.5 hour daily naps, they get all cranky and claw-y), I am going to do this the easy way.  The first 5 cats (or cats' people) who leave me a comment asking for a sample kit will get one.  Please leave your email in your comment so that I can contact you and get your physical address.




Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Hi Bogey! When my feline brother Chuck was still alive, he was on the Hills Prescription c/d for 10 years. He liked it. Alot. Chuck was a giant amongst felines!!

Susan said...

Hi Bogart -

I'd love to snag one of those awesome sample kits for my kitty, Maggie. She's 14 and getting a tad fluffy around the middle. Our Corgi, Morgan (aka Morgi the Corgi) doesn't play tag with her the way he did in his younger days. (he's 12, but svelt and dapper, the way any self-respecting Welsh gentleman should be).

Our email address is:

~Susan, Morgan and Maggie