Saturday, January 30, 2010

Semi-Sunny Saturday

While everyday it threatens to rain at least a little bit, we do have those days where it threatens to be sunny for a little bit.

It's funny how few people are out on the streets on these semi-rain-y days. It's like they all don't have semi-waterproof coats like I do. And they decide to stay inside. More room on the street for me!

Oh, how I wanted to climb into this large machine and ride it triumphantly down the street, ears flapping in the slightly rainy breeze. Alas I could not find the keys and mama said no hot-wiring, so we walked on.

Ah, Couch Park. One of my favorite cone-hunting spots. Except for this time of year. It's now a mostly-cone-free place. Is it because of all of the rain? Maybe. Is it just not pine cone time? Oh come on. It's ALWAYS pine cone time!

None up top, none on the ground. So strange.

I may have to make do with a tasty stick since there are no cones. I WILL find a cone next time.




Kas said...

Very nice little dialogue happening Bogart, good luck finding pine cones.

Dawn said...

I think it's just not pine cone season Bogart...and you already got the best ones anyway! Be patient. There will be more!

Life With Dogs said...

No hotwiring? Not fair! ;)