Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Puppy's Work is Never Done

OK, so today I'm at mom's office. She had to leave the office for a little while to go into a meeting. What's a young, feisty Airedale to do but to help with her office cleaning?

I heard her say that this big box was going to have to be thrown away - but she never did it. It just sat there for months and months. So I just thought I'd "help" her with it...

She wasn't quite as pleased as I'd hoped. But it exhausted me, which made us both happy.



blueadt said...

DH & I both said at the same time:

"Look at those legs!"

Is his back end higher than the front yet?

All my Airedales have gone through this stage & it's funny while it lasts.

Bogart said...

It's almost higher in the back than in the front now! Bogart is such a tall boy with his giant front "Disco Stu" paws...