Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dante's Peak

Wait, am I in Berlin? Oh no that's right, Berlin is one of the Los Angeles "sister cities". Walking all the way up the hill made me just "think" I'd walked all the way to Europe...
Wow am I exhausted! Dad dragged my dale butt all the way up to Dante's Peak just above the Griffith Observatory today. We've done this hike before, but today it was HOT here in Los Angeles, and even tho I'm a lot bigger than last time it's still a loooooooooong walk.

Good thing that there is a doggie water station. I got dad to fill up a water bottle and squirt it into my mouth.

I've discovered another thing about myself... do you know when humans make a "kissing sound", an extended pursing of the lips and sort of squeaking? That drives me insane. A Japanese tourist on the hill today did that and I went berserk and tried to get away from Dad. There is just something about that sound - I can't put my paw on it - that makes me insane. It's gotta be something deep in the DNA because everytime anyone makes that sound it's like I become another dog - a completely untrained and insane beast - but I do stop quickly once the sound stops. Go figure.


1 comment:

Miss Emmi Lou said...

oh wow! that place looks awesome!!

my mom would have to end up carrying me, though... my little legs just can't take me very far...