Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ready for the Polar Vortex

Brrrrrrrr.  It suddenly got super-duper cold here in Pittsbrrrrrrrrrrgh.  While I am adventure dog, and I enjoy a good romp in the snow just like any other self-respecting canine, this bitter wind bothers me.  Especially as I get older, I have far less tolerance for the wind not just whipping through my fuzz, but whipping me along.  And don't get me started on salt/de-icer/whatever-else-you-humans-are-using-on-the-sidewalks.
The salt/de-icer stings like no tomorrow.  Really, humans, would you walk on that stuff?
I'm going to share a little secret with you.  Now dogs, I know what you're thinking.  Why would we give away any of our secrets?  Who actually likes to wear booties?  But the honest truth is that they WORK.  I know, I know.  I hate to wear 'em as well.  But I have to admit that they make the walkies a whole helluva lot better.  When my paws sting it's miserable - for me and for mama.  My toes start 'a burning, and mama falls to the ground to try to wipe 'em off, we're both anxious and stressed.
Here's a tip - but them one size too large for your dog.  Use a pair of arm warmers - or a knee sock with the foot cut off for you creative and/or cheap types - put those on (this helps the booties stay on).  Then slide on the slightly-too-big booties.  Not super tight with the Velcro.  I guarantee that your dog will do the "my feet are on fire" walk when you put them on.  Maybe always.  But once outside - voila.  Once they figure out that their feet ain't burnin', it's all gravy from there.


vera said...

Happy New Year Bogart and your lovely house-mate Lulu!
love and peace from Bella & her mom (me) xoxox

Whitley Westie said...

I wore booties when I lived in Bawston - dey does work.