Saturday, November 12, 2011


As you may already know, I am always pleased when packages arrive with my name on them.  You want an opinion?  YOU GOT IT

Today a box of treats arrived from the fine folks at Barksters.  But these weren't treats like anything I've ever seen before - they're "krisps", mama says that they have the texture of Munchos (all of the gourmet humans with fine, exotic taste will understand this).  They're all-natural, wheat-free, glute-free, low in fat (take note pups who have been told they need to shed some poundage - get your humans to buy these!), and made in the good ol' US of A.

I got a brown rice and chicken package and a sweet potato and beef one.  I made my choice of which to try first...

And then tried to open the damn thing myself.

If the beef one won't open, try the chicken one, I thought to myself as I used my mighty paws to destroy the packaging.

So here is a closeup of the texture - they're light and crispy as opposed to the crunch of a traditional dog biscuit.  Different, indeed.  This is the very last thing that this particular Barkster will ever see...

They come in a plain inside bag that doesn't look that interesting...

Until you get your whole nose inside.  Then... INTERESTING

The bag is well-sized for the mighty Airedale nose.  Some of you with smaller schnozolas may encounter more difficulty getting into the bag.  For you I suggest grabbing it, and shaking violently from side to side - a Barkster snowstorm!

At first I wasn't sure - that texture sure was something I had never experienced before - but after a few tries I was convinced.  Thanks Barksters!



Anonymous said...


They look so yummy. Like crisps but for us doggies!


LuckyMuttPantry said...

They look very good.