Monday, September 19, 2011

Here, Tiger Tiger Tiger

A spiffy tiger print new treat bag, that is!  And yes, I needed one.  See the photo below as proof:

See the crappy plastic baggie on the left?   That's what mama usually uses to carry around my treats on our daily walkies.  I always hear about plastic not degrading, but can attest to the fact that when inside mama's hip bag and carried (and refilled, naturally) at least twice a day that the plastic does indeed slowly disappear.  Which is good - scientific in a definitely un-scientific-kind-of-way - but which necessitated our finding a new treat bag.  Mama got this one on Etsy - it's apparently supposed to be for baby treats (baby humans eat duck jerky and liver crackers?  who knew?) - so it's made with all sorts of nice materials that won't poison me.  Which I suppose is just fine.  Most important for me is that it's about the same size, so mama cannot skimp on the cookies.  And she likes the kitty print, so I guess we're all happy.



MTWaggin said...

Bogart, Mom is really going to be "stylin" with that new bag. Very chic!

Luna said...

That is a cool looking bag!

Treats are the best!


Persephone and Buster said...

Kitty print? We LOVE kitties! They're best with Bernaise sauce and a Sauvignon Blanc.