Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hot Dog!

Damn, this humidity is kicking my butt.  After only a few puny blocks, I'm already panting and shuffling along even with my water bottle handy.  What's a hot, fuzzy boy to do?

Ah, yes.

I'm not allowed in this fountain (nor would I jump in as I'm not THAT fond of being wet) but mama has figured out a semi-genius way of cooling me down while still staying within the law.  We sit on the side, mama scoops up handfuls of water, soaks me down, and then...

I shake it off all over her.  I get wet, she gets wet, we both cool down.  WIN-WIN



Asta said...

Bwilliant stwategy bogie
I am soooo hot most of the time too
and tomowwow, we awe getting wain and hoomidity..maximum uncomfowtabull wetness hewe
smoochie kisses

Wyatt said...

Whatever works to beat the heat!!
Better stop for some flavored ice on the way home!


dog daycare irvine said...

The summer sure does pull a number on those with layers of fur. Walks are harder to go on. In the summer I have to wait until night time to take my dogs out because the pavement burns their feet and they have too much fur for the heat.

Amber-Mae said...

Nice tush, Bogart!

Bocci said...

Boy do we hate that humidity, too, Bogart. But your Mom came up aith a great, win-win idea!