Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lumbering Down Locust

We are really enjoying going down different streets every day, especially for the longer-than-usual evening walkie. Tonight we were heading down Locust Street...

Follow me! I know where I want to end up...

Past the folks dining al fresco, I have a destination in mind.

We are SO not in Portland anymore.

Useful machinery or Orange Monster?

No time to lose, gotta get to...

Rittenhouse Square! I love me some park action.

This little gal I am officially making an honorary Airedale. A pocket version, that is.

It's still really hot here, and the humidity is still kicking my butt. Luckily at this park they have a large fountain, perfect for sneaking a few sips on a hot night.

I can reach the water by standing and stretching, but sometimes I just for the gusto:

Did you notice the doggie trying to sneak a sniff of my sweet butt while I was drinking? Well, so did I. Notice that he's gone now and I can drink in peace.

Time to move on to other adventures. Enough amusing of random strangers for one evening.

Some chalk art...

I'm feeling kind of chalk-y myself.

Well, hubba hubba! A cute little Welshie pup! I love to see the mini-me's, they're pretty rare to see but I think that this gal and I will definitely run into each other again for some playtime.



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Bocci said...

We enjoyed our walk with you, Bogie!

Your buddy,